Pearl is the first Web 3.0 browser to provide a seamless secured and easy to use gateway to this new decentralized web space. With its cutting-edge technology, unique interfaces, tools and design, Pearl Browser empowers its ecosystem with wide benefits to its users, developer’s community and partners.

Pearl focus on providing every-day users with tools, features and interfaces to facilitate and democratise the navigation and use of the new decentralised Web 3.0, its Dapps and Cryptocurrencies:

Multi-Protocol Engine

Pearl provides users with a unique agnostic access to all major Blockchain Networks Smart Contracts, make it very simple to navigate between Dapps & Apps

Multi-Currency one-click-payment Wallet

Pearl payment management includes a safe One-Stop-Shop to complete Dapps and Cryptocurrencies transactions through its smart Multi-currency Wallet

Backward Compatibility

Pearl users can easily navigate between the traditional Web 2.0 and the new Web 3.0, using Pearl innovative multi-navigation user interface design

Also, Pearl serverless browsing backbone aims to fix important Users Data Privacy and Data Ownership deficiencies in the centralized Web 2.0. Pearl provides Blockchain technology to protect users from data breach and miss-use, very frequent in the current traditional Web. Large corporations such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and others, not only fail to protect their users from those security and privacy risks, but also exploit this Data as their main revenue stream. Pearl, through its decentralized tools, provides to its users an ultimate security and privacy and allows users to gain back their data ownership and profit from their browsing data:

Universal Decentralized Login

Serverless authentication system protect the users browsing space and their data privacy

Self-Sovereign Identity

User identity is managed, controlled and owned by the user

Decentralized storage

Users’ websites & Dapps are stored on the decentralized free web with no use of central servers

Monetization through Data MarketPlace

Pearl, through its MarketPlace Platform, allows users the option to gain from their browsing data