LOVE Cryptocurrency The blockchain technology infrastructure offered by protocol creates a peer to peer cryptocurrency ecosystem monetizing the “LOVE” energy. At its core use cases, LOVE cryptocurrency (Token Symbol LOVE) will be used for incentivisation, engagement, cross promotion, partnerships, micro payments, referral commissions, and more, across multiple social media channels.

In layman’s terms the protocol helps users to interact with “LOVE” the emotion, and at the same time sending a monetary value – LOVE can be sent between wallets in private messages, through LOVE QR codes on social media, Instagram, Facebook etc or streaming such as Youtube, Twitch etc. It can be earned, spent or saved on social apps, plugins, and other official cryptocurrency wallets. The protocol is utilizing blockchain technology and creating an exchange ability across social media platforms and through the interchangeability into any world fiat currency via built in AMM Swap functionality.

LOVE is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum but mainly- built for PulseChain that is a complete hard-fork of Ethereum, providing a 3 second blocksize, fast and extremely cheap gas transactions. Being a hard fork of Ethereum, PulseChain comes with many years of code development, stress and bug test and proven technology, not matched by any other blockchain and with the largest solidity devs community. All major applications such as Uniswap will be implemented to PulseChain. Uniswap will be launched as “Pulseswap”. PulseChain will be the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency ecosystem that is an Ethereum hard-fork with a snapshot of the entire Ethereum blockchain converted into a Proof-of-Stake blockchain.

PulseChain will become a delegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain, running with a set of validators and thus users will avoid high gas fees when making transactions which is a key element for mass adoption.


Linkedin and Facebook success in the early days was through new contact requests from users’ own trusted network outside the platform. When receiving a contact request from a friend or family member etc it was more likely the user joins. If it would be a request from someone the user did not know or from the platform itself the user would most likely not be joining. Paypal and co-founder Peter Thiel describe that the first real success of Paypal was when introducing email to send funds. Users already inside the Paypal network attracted new users outside the network through email requests. The networks grew exponentially with new users.

With the name “LOVE”, the Cryptocurrency has the same built-in network increase mechanism as the social network. The network will blitzscale in a similar way as linkedin, Facebook and Paypal. Users in the network who receive LOVE will bring new users through using new peer to peer LOVE interactions. Receiving LOVE from people they trust and know will automatically follow by downloading the wallet to receive their LOVE monetary amount and the network grows through the concept of “Blitzscaling”.